Technology Transfer

Technology transfer is the introduction of specific technologies and equipment, facilities, hybrids, varieties, breeds into the economic cycle, processed or purchased from research organizations in order to increase efficiency and quality of products, services and processes required by the market. It involves the adoption of an innovative behavior, including the dissemination of information, knowledge transfer and consultancy, thus achieving the passage of an idea or technology from the author to the beneficiary.

Technological transfer of scientific results from the research environment to the business is the main method of stimulating economic growth and is even more important in developing countries. This principle applies worldwide and it worth mentioning that research conducted for the benefit of SMEs is an absolute priority in the "Europe - 2020" strategy.

The whole process of technology transfer can be viewed as a chain of processes that an innovative idea must undergo in order to reach the market and comprises invention disclosure, assessment, IP protection, marketing and licensing.

In the technical field, this process aims at transforming research results or inventions in a new or substantially upgraded product or industrial process.

Starting from this premise, since 2005 the Agency for Innovation and Technology Transfer finances technology transfer projects (TTP), which are targeted towards SMEs and have the potential to provide a long lasting impact on Moldovan economy.